About Us

About Crebber

Crebber is a global social marketplace with all the products you may need, from necessities to luxuries mostly by indivisual entrepreneur. It includes all the varities one uses everyday. It offers you great deals and trustworthy brands for your benefits. You can go trough the menu bar and look for the iteams & varities we have come up with. It is the best and most handy e-commerce marketplace our customers would love to shop from. We have launched our website on 2020 with the best iteams we want to provide to our customers. The categories we deal with are mainly:


1. Food

2. Grocery

3. Health & Fitness

4. Home decor

5. Fashion

6. Electronics

7. Beauty

8. Art

9. Subscription

10. Software

11. Travel

12. Entertainment

13. Pet Care

We would love to add more varities as per the maket needs.


Our mission is to serve our customer's need and provide them with the same. Creb is a verb which means to buy or purshase with excitement, so do we!  Also, we hope to have flawless operations and happy customers are all we need. Crebber wishes to become the best and most trustworthy global social marketplace for our customers & entrepreneurs.


Our vision is to connect small, medium and large enterprises to our global soial platform & to promote their ideas. 


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