Crebber wishes to thank the following Security Researchers who have participated in our Vulnerability Disclosure Programme.




  Researchers     Vulnerability     Date  
Soumojit Majumder                                                                      Cross-Site Scripting                                                                       March 3rd 2021                                                         






  Researchers     Vulnerability     Date  
Sandra Q's Authentication Bypass July 24th 2020
Veer Roy XML External Entity May 3rd 2020






Reporting weaknesses in our IT systems

Crebber Security Team is committed to protecting our customers. As part of this commitment, we invite security researchers to help protect Crebber and its Users by proactively identifying security vulnerabilities via our bug bounty program. We work hard every day to maintain and improve our systems and processes so that our customers can process safely online at all times. However, should you find a weakness in one of our IT systems, we would appreciate your help.


Security Reporting

You can report at:


Website links

Please note that we only link to security researcher social media profiles. Our trust model does not enable us to link to other websites. Currently LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profile links are accepted. Other social media sites will be reviewed and considered at point of request.

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